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Our History

Jack & Jill School in Homesite, Bacolod City was established in 1963 as a preschool founded by Cecilia del Castillo Lopez who passed away on August 24, 2020. After having taught at La Salle, she started her own school in her living room with 23 children in small neighborhood of Homesite. In 1971, a branch in City Heights was opened known as "Little Angels" which is today a full-fledged K-12 school. In 1979, Jack & Jill Kinder School in Homesite expanded to include an elementary school. A few years later, another elementary school branch in Victorias was opened in 1981. The year 1995 resulted in the simultaneous establishment of Castleson High in Homesite, Castleson High in City Heights, and Sidera Special Child Center in City Heights. In the next year, Castleson High Schools in Homesite and City Heights were merged to become one school located in City Heights Subdivision. Throughout Jack & Jill School's history, other branches in Airport, La Granja, Paglaum (free school), and La Carlota were also opened and later closed.  The group of schools was incorporated in 1980 and became the JJS/Castleson Schools Inc.

The name "Castleson" or Castillo and Sons was an acknowledgement to Mrs. Lopez's father, Mariano del Castillo.  The name was already used by her uncle Raul del Castillo in opening Castleson College in Pasay City in the 1950s.


To date, there are three schools located in Homesite, City Heights, and Victorias.  The school in Homesite comprises a preschool and Grades 1-6. City Heights has a preschool and Grades 1-12.  The Victorias location has a preschool and Grades 1-12.  Grades 11 and 12 were opened in July 2020.  In 2018, all Jack & Jill Schools and Castleson High became fully prepared for inclusion in that any student with special needs can attend any of the schools and receive the services they need.  As a result, Sidera Special Child Center became less of a "center" and more of a "program".  Sidera at City Heights continues to provide one-on-one attention and services to students with highly specialized needs.  

Mrs. Lopez relinquished the administration of the schools in 2010 to her daughters and grandchildren.  In 2017, an Academic Director started overseeing all schools and providing support for curriculum and educational resources.

All of our schools are private, non-sectarian institutions in Negros Occidental, Philippines. Jack & Jill School will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2023.  We are the first and true inclusive K-12 school in Bacolod City.

As of June 30, 2023, we are permanently closing our doors.

Our Curriculum

Mrs. Cecilia del Castillo Lopez was an early childhood educator and designed the preschool curriculum in such a way that every student who completes Kinder 2 (Prep) can demonstrate three competencies in preparation for the first grade:  reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Mrs. Lopez trained hundreds of teachers through the years to teach reading, writing, and learn spelling with a rhythm. After more than 50 years, we continue to teach these basics in preschool and kindergarten surrounded by a progressive environment that promotes fun in learning.


In general, all our grade levels follow the Philippine curriculum.  We recently enhanced our Math and English curriculums because we expect our students to be ready for transfer to schools in other countries and become globally prepared.  In the next few years, we will convert all grade levels to a more progressive style classroom and content delivery so our students learn in a meaningful way with emphasis on Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.


Progressive education means that teachers are facilitators of learning and students are active participants and problem solvers of their learning environment.  Academic excellence, in this case, is achieved through collaboration and interaction with others.


Students, faculty, and staff at Jack & Jill Schools and Castleson High are bounded together by a commitment to acceptance, helpfulness, and appreciation for human diversity.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Developing thinkers and leaders


Our mission is to foster the joys of learning and cultivate honor so students become socially responsible thinkers and leaders.

We value:

  • Academic Excellence

To create a strong academic foundation so that students are best prepared for their future education.

  • Creativity

To provide students with interesting, fun, and varied learning experiences so that their creative thinking is enhanced.

  • Ethical Responsibility

To instill a strong sense of right and wrong, the discipline for self-respect, and respect for humanity and the environment.

  • Local and Global Involvement

To cultivate love of one’s country and the respect for those of different backgrounds with the aim of producing a well-informed, competent, and responsible citizen of the world.

  • Persistence

To inspire love of work, dignity of labor, and perseverance in face of challenge.

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