Cecilia del Castillo Lopez


Cecilia del Castillo Lopez, our mother, grandmother, and great grandmother (Eeya to many), sister, cousin and aunt, the founder of Jack & Jill Schools Castleson High Sidera Special Child Program, passed away on August 24.  She was going to turn 91 in November.  Clearly, she lived a life exactly the way she wanted.  There were specific things she wanted in life and achieved them with a laser-like focus like no other.  

We laid her to rest at Sacred Heart Memorial next to her mother, brother, sister, and infant son.  She was surrounded by her beloved grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, and school staff who loved her dearly.


The amount of public and private messages, and wonderful photos you all shared is evidence of her influence on so many lives.  She was proud of you all.  Her generosity especially when it came to education was unsurpassed.

Banwahanon Awardee for the Development of Education, October 19, 2007
Gawad Bagonhon Awardee for Exemplary Achievement in the Field of Education, February 18, 2016

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We are grateful that many of you want to give flowers or do something as a gesture of appreciation.  In lieu, we will start a foundation account in her name as a scholarship for promising students from low income families.  Please keep an eye on this webpage as we set this up in the next few months.

Our deepest thanks.

The family of Cecilia del Castillo Lopez

9.11.2020. We are currently processing paperwork pertaining to the Articles of Incorporation for a foundation account which will be submitted to the Philippines Security Exchange Commission as a legitimate foundation with a Board to oversee its funds.  This may take a month or so to complete considering the quarantine in Bacolod City.  Please check in another month and we'll keep you posted.  Thank you!

10.6.2020. Lawyer draws paperwork.

10.10.2020. Board members are now reviewing documents for setting up a foundation.  We are hoping the foundation will be set up in time for her birthday on November 22.

10.11.2020. Board member #1 signs the document and mails it to the next member.

10.16.2020. Board member #2 signs the document and mails it to the next member.

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