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Tuition and Fees 2022-23

1.  There are three payment plans.  Payment Plan #1 is a yearly payment with 7% discount paid upon enrollment. Payment Plan #2 is a semestral payment with 5% discount paid upon enrollment and prior to the start of the second semester.  Payment Plan #3 is a monthly payment with no discount unless your child has siblings attending JJS/Castleson the same year, in which case, the 3rd sibling receives a discount. Monthly payments are made from August 2021 to April 2022 in 9 equal payments and are due on the first week of each month.

2.  Miscellaneous fee is paid in full upon enrollment and is non-refundable.

3.  For 2022-23, there is no cost on textbooks for elementary students because materials are available online.

4.  Uniforms are not required for students attending online school. Students coming physically to school must wear their uniforms.

5.  Sidera students are no longer charged for the annual IEP assessment for 2022-23.

6.  Cost for Sidera Special Child Program occupational therapy services is separate.

7.  Students pay additional fee for graduation.

8.  Our new normal requires every student to have a computer, laptop, or tablet, and access to internet at home in preparation for a hybrid learning environment.  By hybrid, we mean both face-to-face at school and online at home.

9.  High school classes at City Heights and all classes at Victorias campus are postponed for 2022-23.

Updated 6-4-2022

Download details of Tuition and Fees 2022-23


How to Pay Your Fees

1.  Payment using Jack & Jill School/Castleson Bank Accounts

a.  Fill out a deposit slip

b.  Account Name is Jack & Jill Schools/Castleson Inc.

c.  Enter designated account number

     Metrobank Account # 002-7-002-51770-8

     BPI Account # 001063-2774-59

d.  After bank validation (after payment had been received and posted by bank), write down the following details:    

          a.  Student's Name

          b.  Grade Level

          c.  Student ID Number

          d.  School Branch

e.  Email the validated deposit slip or take a photo and send to

2.  Payment using MLhuillier or LBC or RD Pawnshops

a.  Fill out form section for Bills Payment

     Company Name:  Jack & Jill Schools/Castleson Inc.

     Account Name:  Enter Student's Name

     Account Number:  Enter Student ID Number

     Other Details:  Enter Student Grade Level/Branch/Purpose of Payment

b.  Email your validated Bills Payment form or take a photo and send to     

Note:  Charges may apply for payments through MLhuillier and LBC.

3.  Payment using Remitly

a.  Go to

b.  Account Name is Jack & Jill Schools/Castleson Inc.

c.  Use one of these bank accounts

     Metrobank Account # 002-7-002-51770-8

     BPI Account # 001063-2774-59


4.  Payment using PayPal

a.  Send payment to our PayPal address at

Note: Paypal will charge additional fees for their transactions. Please be advised. 


5.  Payment using GCash

a.  Tap Send Money on the GCash dashboard, then tap on Express Send. 

b.  Input the recipient's mobile number (0917-517-2959)

c.  Then input the amount you want to send 

d.  Enter your child’s Full Name, Grade Level and ID Number

e.  Also note the nature of payment i.e. August Monthly Tuition.


6.  Payment through the cashier's office

a.  Go to any of the Jack & Jill School/Castleson cashier's office

b.  Open Monday through Friday



If you have any questions, please email   

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